What kind of purses do women love to carry?

Women love to carry almost all styles of purses, whether a tote, day clutch, evening clutch, sling (also known as a crossbody bag),  wristlet, etc. Each bag has its use, purpose, style, and design element. Therefore, many women also love to keep more than one bag in their closets. It helps them get ready super-quick, look stylish, and be well-versed with the latest trends. 

Having more than one bag also helps balance work-life tasks. For example, a laptop bag and other accessories have its purpose and use, while a small tote bag has its own. You can have both and carry them accordingly. There are many different styles of purses, and each can be used for different occasions.

But if you need clarification about which bag you should have and how many styles- this blog is for you! Do not miss to know, “What kind of bags do women love to carry?”

Tote Bags

 Tote bags, or often referred to as just totes, are loved by all women due to their versatility. You can use a tote for office, shopping, commuting, and even for everyday storage. 

If you already own one, it is fantastic because a tote is more than just another bag – it is essential. Totes look great and come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  Oversized totes are perfect for shopping and storage while smaller totes work for carrying your daily small necessities. 

The size of a tote bag is not the only important thing to look for. The material of a tote bag is just as important depending on what you plan on using it for. Luckily, the variety of materials that tote bags come in such as vegan leather, cloth, canvas, leather, etc allow you to find the one that you need!

Clutches and Wristlets

If you want a compact version of a bag that suits you perfectly and looks stylish for an evening party or even a short coffee date with your friends & family- say hello to clutches and wristlets! 

Clutches are compact, modern-styled, envelope-shaped, and easy-to-carry bags. They suit almost all outfits and ages. Such small yet super-cool bags help you carry all your essentials and are easily clutched with one hand – hence the name clutch.  22 Tote carries clutches that are perfect for day clutches, evening clutches, and just clutches that fit any occasion!

An alternative to a clutch is a wristlet purse. Wristlets are small and simple purses with a strap that hangs on your wrist. They are a simple option for when you need to go out but do not want to carry something heavy or bulky.

22 Tote (https://www.22tote.com/) also carries some of the most stylish, inexpensive, yet super-attractive wristlets.

Cross Body Bag

Some people also call this timeless style of bag as; The Sling.

This is another staple every woman would love to have! These branded on-the-go bags come with vibrating colors, styles, and designs. With classic, universal appeal Sling Bags, you always feel hand-free and light. You can also match these sling or cross-body bags with your outfits for a better appearance.


Cloth Bags

Whether it is grocery shopping or planning to hit the market on a lazy day, comfortable cloth bags can be the next best option. These eco-friendly bags are super-light and spacious and come in vibrating colors and styles. One of the common styles you can find is with puns, text, and fun doodles on them. 

Since these bags are made of cloth, you can fold them and fit them in another bag for numerous purposes. Moreover, due to the same reasons, storing them on your shelf is also easy.


Duffle Bag

Also coined as weekender bags, these shoulder-hanging bags are suitable for all weekend getaways and short trips.

Like totes and cloth bags, duffle bags are spacious. They can easily accommodate one or two pairs of clothes, flip-flops, and other essential items. You can easily carry a duffle bag for two to three days of necessities. Traveling with them becomes super-easy and exciting because all your belongings are safe, well-arranged, and easy to carry in a small yet spacious bag.

Come in multiple sizes, shapes, and attractive patterns, these versatile bags are also a favorite choice for gym goers, short bike trips, business meetings to some other location, and storage purposes.


Mini Bags

These bags are in high demand for their appeal, style, and trendy looks. Also called by other names such as micro mini bags, these bags only come in handy for occasions where you need a fixed set of items such as cards, lip gloss, id, phone, money, and other essentials. 

For trend followers, a mini bag can be a fantastic choice. A mini bag can make you look stylish in one of the most beautiful ways!


In Conclusion

Well, the list doesn’t end there. 

There are many different styles of purses that have not been covered -r, Bucket Bags, Backpacks, Shoulder Bags, etc. Purses are a necessity for every woman to have as they not only complement outfits but also allow for flexibility in our daily lives.

Having more than one purse allows you to switch up your style to match any occasion! 

The most important thing for a purse is if you love it! There are many different styles out there that will be the perfect accessory to your outfit!

Happy shopping!

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